Telenet Annual Report 2011

This is the first time that Telenet publishes an integrated annual report. With this document we want to give a truthful account of the (socio)economic, ethical and environmental performance results that are most relevant to the company.

The report gives an overview of the efforts that have already been made and of the new initiatives that we will develop to achieve our corporate objectives.

We will discuss all the elements that are commonly featured in an annual report, along with a focus on the sustainability principles and goals in our day-to-day operations. By this integrated way of reporting, Telenet wants to show how the company engrafts its forward-looking strategy on sustainable enterprise. We therefore use one foreword, one strategy, and one Internet version of the two reports. However, in view of the diversified readership, the integrated report does not purport to give a detailed survey of all the targets that have been attained.

The reader is referred to the relevant sections of our website for more detailed information.

The report falls into three major parts. After an extensive introduction, the chapter It’s all possible discusses our products and services and the principal market trends. This was Telenet in 2011 sums up the key events of the past year. Working on the future concludes with an overview of our vision on the evolution on Telenet and the ICT-market in the coming years. 

Did you know:

  • The photos and videos in the report were mostly made by our own employees?
  • A large part of this annual report was created with our New Way of Working?
  • We used multimedia? You can read the report online on our website, download it in the AppStore, or leaf through the printed version.