Wi-Free: homespots and hotspots

Telenet took its first step in the provision of mobile Internet with the acquisition of the Flemish operator Sinfilo in 2003. This move enabled Telenet to establish a wireless connection with the Internet on a network of public hotspots. In May 2011, Telenet launched Wi-Free. Wi-Free is the free wireless Internet service which Telenet offers all its Internet subscribers over the hotspot and homespot WiFi network. With Wi-Free, the Telenet Internet subscription reaches further than the customer’s home. All Telenet Internet customers can use the 1,200 Telenet hotspots in Belgium and Luxembourg free of charge.

We are present at strategic public locations such as all the big railway stations, the National Airport and Charleroi Airport, various hotels and pubs, etc. By the end of 2013, Telenet plans to increase the number of hotspots to 2,000, so that there is always one in the vicinity. In December 2011 we announced the launch of the homespots.

We initiated this new WiFi network with a large-scale test project in Ghent. A software update makes the subscriber’s modem transmit two signals: one for private use and another for public use. This enables customers who have a wireless Internet modem of Telenet to log into the homespot of friends or relatives with their own login and password.

All Telenet modems and their settings comply with European radiation standards. With the homespots, another half a million free WiFi locations are created where Internet subscribers can have free and safe access to high-speed Internet. And if the customer is not near a homespot or hotspot, he can have mobile Internet access by 3G.